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"Beneath a starry moonlit sky, within the silent solitude of night's tranquility. Thorn, the sole member of FjellElv began hearing the music of his heart. Inspired by the smell of the spring air, the gentle breeze that stirred the overhanging trees, the serenity of nature, and all of its darkness as well. The music of FjellElv is a photo of each moment spent alone in silent awe of earth and sky, wind, rain, thunder, day and night. A hymn to nature, and a time no longer appreciated by most. A sorrowful cry for the forgotten simple ways of life. When there were no cities polluting the landscapes. When one could drink of the gentle flowing streams, and breathe the pure air. The desire of Thorn is to create an escape within the minds of listeners, to this magical place. Far away from this modern age, To the soaring heights of mountain peaks, the deep valleys, in a mighty forest while the rain gently falls, a snow covered field, or the desolate barren ruins of an ancient civilization. "

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Fjellelv's Discography

Dagryett Flammer

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Daggryet Flammer Ep 2006

1.Daggryet Flammer
2.The Ettin's Curse
3.Arrival of The Horde
4.Realm of The Sylvan Ghost
5.Entering Winter's Reigne





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Under The Red Sky Split

Beneath The Withering Trees
As The Autumn Sky Weeps
Twilight in The Dreary Wood

Shimmering Waters
Into The Forest of Dreams
Dark Enchanted Forest




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