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"Group strongly inspired of Quebec's wide winter landscape. The music wants to be a dark musical interpretation of long evening winters. The gloomy and distressing mood mask a cold stormy black metal. The songs, which are not very comprehensible for the listener, have however the quality to be sung in French (native langage). To wich they are often drawn from renond french canadian poet, such as : Emile Nélligan (cursed poet | 1879-1941)."


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Pour te dire la fin

1. Veneris Dies
2. Spica
3. Il Pendolo Di Faucoult
4. Sambati Dies
5. Spectrum
6. Nevembrae
7. Pour Te Dire La Fin



Court Sejour...
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Court S éjour Au Royaume Des Ombres

1) L'eveil dans la mort
2) Decor astral sans lune
3) Apres la nuit
4) Orlok (bonus song. Low winter mix)





L'Abime des...

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L'Abime Des Jours, L'Ecume Des Nuits

1. L'Abîme Des Jours, L'Écume Des Nuits
2. Loin Des Hommes, Près Des Bêtes



Neige et Noirceur